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TZ185XS060CMotor shaft

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Product description
Product name: TZ185XS060C motor shaft
Material: 20CrMoTi
Heat treatment requirements:
1. The rough material is quenched and tempered: hardness HB230-250
2. Heat treatment: carburizing and quenching, the depth of the hardened layer is 0.8-1mm, and the surface hardness is 58-62HRC.
INT 24Z*1m*30R*6H spline parameters
Modulus m 1 Spline trail   ∅23.095+0.13
Number of teeth z 24 Diameter of index circle   ∅24
Pressure angle α 30° Base circle diameter   ∅20.785
Radial displacement coefficient   0 Measuring rod diameter d ∅2
Spline diameter   ∅25.5+0.15 Span M ∅20.65+0.08
Precision level 6H GB/T3478.1-2008
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