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Rotor shaft RUI-30KW

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Product name: Rotor shaft RUI-30KW
Material: 20CrMoTi
Heat treatment requirements:
1. Forged and normalized spline ends, hardness HB170-210;
2. After rough processing, the rough material is quenched and tempered to 23-28HRC;
3. After quenching and tempering, the metallographic structure of the workpiece is inspected according to the third group of FB/T 13320-2007 rating chart, and the level is 1-3;
4. The surface is quenched and tempered at low temperature after carbonitriding, HV600-800; the depth of the quenched layer is 0.5-0.8mm, and the metallographic structure is inspected according to the JB/T9204-2008 rating chart, and the level is 3-7;
5. Core hardness HRC28-35, in addition to hydrogen and stress, the hydrogen content is less than 1.1e-6;
Technical parameters of involute spline
Modulus m 1 Basic tooth space width   1.571
Number of teeth z 24 Maximum effective slot width   1.624
Pressure angle α 30° Maximum actual tooth space width   1.656
Diameter of index circle d 24 Minimum actual tooth space width   1.603
Base circle diameter d 20.785 Minimum effective tooth space width   1.571
Minimum radius of curvature of tooth root arc   0.2 Cumulative tolerance of tooth pitch   0.043
Involute end circle diameter   25.2 Tooth profile tolerance   0.03
Large diameter of inner spline da ∅25.5 Tooth direction tolerance   0.013
Inner Spline Path df ∅23.09 Accuracy class   6H
Measuring rod diameter d 1.9 Tooth surface roughness Ra 1.6
Span M 20.99±0.06 GB/T3478.1-1995
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