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Front cover(30KW)

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Product description
Product name: Front end cover (30KW)
Material: ADC12
Skills requirement:
1. The machining surface of the parts should not have scratches, scratches and other defects that damage the surface of the parts.
2. The acute angle is chamfered C0.5, and the draft angle of the final injection is 0.5-1.5°
3. No cold partitions, cracks, shrinkage holes, pores, penetrating defects and serious incomplete defects are allowed on the casting indication.
4. The surface of the casting should be smooth, and the gate, ejector hole, burrs, sticky sand, etc. should be removed.
5. The parts shall be subjected to the salt spray test according to the provisions of GB/T2423.17-1993, and the test duration is 48 hours.
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