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Strengthen cultural construction and promote harmonious development

Xiecheng carries out holiday schools for employees' children

Culture Detail

Xiecheng carries out holiday schools for employees' children

On August 2, 2021 - August 12, if company for about two weeks for employees' children started the "association cheng holiday school", to develop environmental protection education, party history education, legal education, traffic safety topics such as curriculum, at the same time the introduction of paper cutting, painting, music and other interest in the arts curriculum, combining exertion and rest, recreation, let the children have a rich and colorful summer vacation.

Xiecheng holiday school aims to solve the problem of cultivating the children of "new fenghua people" during summer vacation. Let the children of the workers gather in the holiday school, which not only solves the worries of these parents, but also further enriches the cultural life of the children in summer vacation and increases the interest of their summer vacation life.