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Strengthen cultural construction and promote harmonious development

Pursue work benefits to benefit my employees

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Pursue work benefits to benefit my employees

2019 employee sports health happy delivery——About Xiecheng Electric

 On the afternoon of March 16,“Pursue labor benefits and benefit my employees”Employee sports health and joy sending activities entered Ningbo Xiecheng Power Tools Co., Ltd. This activity is not only a inclusive project of the District Federation of Trade Unions, but also one of the main activities of this year’s first employee culture carnival. This event set up six projects such as happy pencil, dryland dragon boat, fun tennis racket, bumper ball running, teamwork, and group skipping. The company's trade union organized Happy team, Rocket team, X team, Dream team, Flame Team, Harmony Team, Eagles, Transcendence Team, Charge Team, etc., the players are all heroic, motivated and full of passion. Through the activities, they fully demonstrated the healthy and lively and positive spirit of the employees, which not only enriched and enlivened the employees Cultural life has also inspired employees' work and creativity.Company Chairman Wang Youyu said:“The employees of this fun game like it very much. Everyone enjoys it, not only relaxes the body and mind in the busy work, but also loves the company's trade union organization more.”.