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Strengthen cultural construction and promote harmonious development

Responding actively to Xi Jinping's strong army thought, the Xiecheng Group Militia Unit was established

Culture Detail

Responding actively to Xi Jinping's strong army thought, the Xiecheng Group Militia Unit was established

  On the afternoon of April 19th, in the staff activity center of our company, with the sounding of the "People's Liberation Army Army Song", the whole team of the basic militias in Zhuhu Township's inspection and the joining ceremony of the Xiecheng Group's militia detachment kicked off. Attending the meeting were Chen Longhai, deputy minister of the People's Armed Forces of the district, Zhou Lijun, minister of armed forces of Zhenhu Town, Shen Gaoming, chairman of Xiecheng Group, and Wu Bing, executive director. , Accept the inspection and inspection of the leaders, showing the good image and excellent quality of Xiecheng employees.


The selected militia listens to the leadership speech


Chen Longhai, Deputy Minister of Human Resources and Military Affairs of the District, delivered a speech

  Today, our company has 30 employees selected for the militia team. We are also young and knowledgeable in the selection process. At the same time, we also shoulder the sense of mission to grow together with Xiecheng. We selected this militia team from more than 1,000 employees. Although it is said that we do not have excellent military skills like soldiers, but as long as we study hard, train hard, and consciously fulfill our national defense obligations, I believe that in the near future, we have emergency situations in enterprises and surrounding areas. It is coming, the battle can come, the battle can win, a team of militia can pull out!


All stood up and played the "Chinese People's Liberation Army Army Song"


Election to the militia


After the leader's speech, the players applauded

  In the 1990s, our enterprise was transformed from a township enterprise to a private enterprise. It is also a local leading enterprise with an annual output of tens of millions to 650 million. The wise decision of the country, in addition to our enterprises doing well in the economic field, must also meet the needs of national defense construction. Our national soldiers are armed mass organizations under the leadership of the Communist Party of China that do not deviate from production. They are soldiers and civilians in wartime. Their members are widely distributed, large in number, young, organized and of high quality. They are not only important forces for national defense construction. It is also a new force and commando for economic construction. Therefore, our militia personnel should thoroughly study the scientific concept of development, actively promote good traditions and good styles, and make our positive contributions to local economic construction. We must take the lead in firmly establishing political convictions, resolutely safeguard the decision-making authority of the Party Central Committee, and consciously safeguard the party's line, principles, and policies; we must take the lead in abiding by discipline and law, dare to fight against illegal acts, and consciously maintain the excellent situation of stability, unity, and harmony.


Drill in small groups


Team members dress up




Team members stand


Collective assembly


The team is uniform


The training team members are all heroic