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Strengthen cultural construction and promote harmonious development

Book Borrowing

Culture Detail

Book Borrowing

In order to create a good learning atmosphere, enrich employees' amateur cultural life, and improve employees' overall cultural literacy, the company has a number of books (now stored in the motor data room) for all employees to borrow for learning. If colleagues need, you can find Wu Shuangshuang (568825) ) Borrow:
1、Please refer to the attachment for the book catalog:
Serial number Title Author
1 Lean manufacturing001——5SPush method Echizen
2 Lean manufacturing003——Measures to prevent defective products Shinoda Sho
3 Lean manufacturing004——Production management Kato Chihiko
4 Lean manufacturing005——Production site optimal analysis Miss Tian Fengtaro
5 Lean manufacturing006——Standard Time Management Tamura Takashi
6 Lean manufacturing008——Talent cultivation at Toyota site Tanaka Masahiko
7 Lean manufacturing009——Inventory management Kobayashi Junichi
8 Lean manufacturing010——Procurement management Gui Zezheng
9 Lean manufacturing012——BOM Material management Sato Chiichi
10 Lean manufacturing013——Cost management Horiguchi
11 Lean manufacturing014——Logistics management Kakui Ryoichi
12 Lean manufacturing016——Factory management mechanism Song Lin Guangnan Watanabe Hiro
13 Lean manufacturing017——Knowledge design enterprise Konno To
14 Lean manufacturing018——Canon unit production system Sajimai
15 Lean manufacturing020——Toyota visual management Matsui Shunichi
16 Lean manufacturing021——Toyota on-site management An Tianhong
17 Lean manufacturing022——Zero waste Toyota production method Tenancy
18 Lean manufacturing023——Best-selling packaging design Tian Jing Design
19 Lean manufacturing024——Toyota cell production Vuneten
20 Lean manufacturing025——Operator Color Basis Nikkei Design
21 Lean manufacturing026——TOC Factory management Inada
22 Lean manufacturing027——Factory psychological management Suzuki Shoori
23 Lean manufacturing028——Craftsmanship Negishi Koshio
24 Lean manufacturing029——Site management Kato Chihiko
25 Lean manufacturing030——The fourth industrial revolution Fujiwara Yo
26 Lean manufacturing031——TQM Total quality management Yamada Hideo
27 Lean manufacturing032——Toyota Site Complete Manual Wakamatsu Yoshito
28 Lean manufacturing033——Factory operation Takahashi Kungfu
29 Lean manufacturing034——On-site safety management Nakamura Chang Yun
30 Lean manufacturing035——3D printing for Industry 4.0 Japan Nikkei Manufacturing Editorial Department
31 Lean manufacturing036——SCM Supply Chain Management System Kazuhiro Ishikawa
32 Lean manufacturing037——Half the cost Miki Hiroyuki
33 Lean manufacturing038——Industry 4.0 robots and intelligent production Japan Nikkei Manufacturing Editorial Department
34 Lean manufacturing039——Production management system construction Bukchon Yubo
35 Lean manufacturing040——Factory grows to reform production site Kazuo Nishizawa
36 Lean manufacturing041——101 points for factory improvement Kaki Neifu
37 Lean manufacturing042——PDCA Intensive method Kawahara Shinya
Serial number Title Author
38 Lean manufacturing043——PLM Product life cycle management Kujihiko
39 Lean manufacturing044——Toyota production method Vuneten
40 Lean manufacturing045——Parts halved Miki Hiroyuki
41 Lean manufacturing046——Become the strongest factory Mito Camry Kaki Neifu
42 Lean manufacturing047——The origin of management Goto Shuo
43 Lean manufacturing048——Introduction to Supply Chain Management Nao Fujino
44 Lean manufacturing049——Digital Workshop of Industry 4.0 Japan Nikkei Manufacturing Editorial Department
45 Lean manufacturing050——Inheritance of flow Heir to Toyota Nanoichi Harada Takehiko
46 Lean manufacturing051——Toyota fail Japan OJT Solutions Co., Ltd.
47 Lean manufacturing052——Slight improvement Kaki Neifu Mr. Yuji
48 Lean manufacturing053——Smart Factory of Industry 4.0 Japan Nikkei Manufacturing Editorial Department
49 Lean manufacturing054——Deep thinking Inada
50 Lean manufacturing055——Counterattack on Toyota's production methods Lingcun long
51 The Past of the Three Body Series 1 Liu Cixin
52 The Dark Forest of Three Body Series 2 Liu Cixin
53 Three-body series 3 Grim Reaper Liu Cixin
54 Teach you to do excellent accounting Accounting Research Group
55 Soft manufacturing——China's manufacturing industry rebirth IBM Global Business Consulting Services
56 Excellent tax accounting from entry to mastery Qin Dongsheng, Yu Ye
57 How long can the sea fishing Chen Yu press
58 Financial trick Howard M. Schlitter Jeremy Piller
59 Earnings whitewash face to face Zheng Zhaohui
60 IPO financial perspective method, focus and case Ye Jinfu
61 A book to read financial statements Wen Yang
62 Looking at Fraud from Reports Analysis of Financial Statements and Risk Identification Ye Jinfu
63 Discover the secrets of enterprises Xue Yunkui
64 Wolf Road Zhang Ling
65 Human weakness Dell·Carnegie
66 Sheepskin book Auger·Mandino
67 Guiguzi Guiguzi子
68 Interpersonal psychology Meng Jing
69 Murphy's Law Gesang
70 Nine personality Zhou Tai
71 Business psychology Shan Fengru Liu Hong
72 Mind reading Xiao Peng Liu Wen
73 Business Psychology-Mind Reading in Shopping Mall Lu Luo Gao Xufan
2、Book borrowing regulations:
 1、All employees of the company can borrow books from Wu Shuangshuang, and no more than 2 books can be borrowed at a time。
 2、In order to speed up the circulation of books, the borrowing time cannot exceed 2 weeks。
 3、The borrowing must be returned in time. If you need to continue to use it, you can go through the renewal procedure. Those who do not return for a long time will stop the borrowing right and treat it as a lost book.。
 4、During the reading process, employees should take care of books, and must not correct, circle, scribe, fold, scribble, and deduct 10 yuan in one place. When returning books, if they are found to be missing, they should apply to the library administrator for verification in time. Compensation according to price;
 5、Employees should pay off the borrowed books before leaving when they change jobs or leave the company。