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"To understand people" who loves toss and vision
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"To understand people" who loves toss and vision

  On the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, China has demonstrated to the world with its rapid economic miracle that this self-selected development path is guiding China to the rise of a great power. Behind China's economic development, there is an important force, the entrepreneur group, who wrote the magnificent epic of the development of the country and nation with their hands. Shen Gaoming, chairman of Ningbo Xiecheng Power Tools Co., Ltd., is one of them.


  Entrepreneurs along the way

  Shen Gaoming, born in March 1944 in a peasant family in Yangjia Village, Zhenhu Town, is a simple, honest and amiable person. At first glance, it seems difficult to match the entrepreneur. He founded Ningbo Xiecheng Power Tools Co., Ltd., with an annual output value of more than 300 million yuan, and its comprehensive strength ranks among the top ten in the national electric industry. Because of his "tossing" entrepreneurial experience all the way, he was named "the first generation of entrepreneurs in Ningbo after the reform and opening up."

  In April 1972, Shen Gaoming, then deputy secretary of the Party Branch of Yangjia Village, went to the Huhu Blind Welfare Factory as the Chief of Supply and Marketing, and began to run the supply and marketing business of white palm rope and Tianzhu chopsticks. Shen Gaoming, who has worked hard since childhood, worked hard for the welfare factory. When he went to Zhengzhou, Henan to participate in a product fair, he found the worst hostel and slept in the cheapest canvas bed; braving the bitter cold wind, he hungry and hungry; because he was too tired to sleep in the bathhouse, his eyes were bitten and swollen by bed bugs ... …

  Welfare Factory is a product of the planned economy era, and was set up by the state for the placement of disabled people for employment. Despite such hardships and efforts, Shen Gaoming was anxious because of the backward production technology, single product, and reduced market demand, and the welfare factory's profit declined year after year. In the fourth year, he started the business of leather and straps, and then sold leather shoes. The welfare factory was also renamed as a leather goods factory, and the production and sales situation was gradually optimistic. In the past 6 years, Shen Gaoming has put in countless efforts for the survival and development of the enterprise.

  Visionary insight

  In 1979, the spring breeze of reform and opening up bathed the land of the motherland, Shen Gaoming was transferred to the industrial office of Zhenhu Town as deputy director. Facing the decline in the production and sales situation of the leather goods factory, in 1980, the town party committee government again asked him to "go out of the mountain." Two years later, Shen Gaoming was transferred to the post of director of the town's stainless steel strap factory. "The enlightenment brought by reform and opening up to enterprises is very simple, that is, to transform and upgrade. The market is changing rapidly, and those who are unchanged will be out of business." Shen Gaoming, who is highly business-minded and keenly aware, realizes that a new path must be taken before companies can come back to life.

  At that time, the strap factory's products were sold narrowly and the operation was difficult. "In the 1980s, the motor industry was just emerging, and the market demand was huge. In 1986, I decided to produce motor products." Shen Gaoming said that the investment is large and the risk is high. If it fails, the consequences will be unimaginable. At that time, many people in the watchband factory objected, and some leaders of the town office also expressed skepticism. But Shen Gaoming has a strong spirit of unsatisfactory defeat. "Before reform and opening up, everything needs to be planned and everything needs to be discussed. Fearful, often miss business opportunities. It can be said that without reform and opening up, there will be no subsequent sincerity." Shen Gaoming said with emotion.

  Shen Gaoming raised funds to purchase equipment while hiring two technicians with high salary from the field. He and the technical master developed it in the factory day and night. Half a year later, the product was successfully trial-produced, but he really lost more than 10 pounds. Due to the excellent quality and moderate price, the products are very popular. Soon, the stainless steel watchband factory was renamed Fenghua No. 2 Power Tools Factory.

  In 1988, the factory expanded and the profit of output value doubled every year. In 1995, the factory independently developed the whole machine, and its sales were positioned in the international market. Shen Gaoming invested 500,000 yuan, bought an advanced production line, and invested 800,000 yuan to acquire Ningbo Xiecheng Power Tools Co., Ltd., and the second power tool factory in Fenghua was renamed Ningbo Xiecheng Power Tools Co., Ltd.

  Not well-educated "understand people"

  Regarding the huge changes in China over the past 40 years, the famous writer Yu Hua once said: "Two Western eras that a Westerner can live for 400 years, a Chinese person only needs 40 years." For this, Shen Gao Ming felt deeply: "I am not well-educated, but fortunately my thoughts are more advanced."

  Facing the current situation of full competition and price transparency in the power tool industry, Shen Gaoming reviewed the situation and made a decision to change from "OEM and OEM" to "original design manufacturer". In September 2016, Xiecheng recruited three high-level talents from Fortune 500 companies in Guangdong, Shenzhen and other places, and was hired as the general manager of the group company and the general manager of the business department by means of base salary plus performance salary. The joining of these top management teams has laid a solid foundation for Xiecheng's next development.

  "Good cooperation, stress integrity" is the original meaning of Shen Gaoming's name "Xiecheng". He attaches great importance to creating a new type of employee relationship. In order to improve the quality of life of employees, he has invested more than 2 million yuan in succession to build a lighting stadium, a staff home and a staff club; a staff apartment building that can accommodate more than 400 people, with air conditioning and toilets Complete; provided pension insurance for more than 400 old employees, so that they have no worry about food and clothing ... These trivial little things, in Shen Gaoming's view, are all big things and must be done by oneself.

  In the past few years, Shen Gaoming has never forgotten to return to society for the benefit of Sangzi: the village built the ancestral hall and the highway reconstruction of the Baibai Line, he donated 150,000 yuan; the inauguration ceremony of the Central Elementary School in Zhuhu Town, he contributed 100,000 yuan; He donated 100,000 yuan; for the welfare of the disabled, he donated 100,000 yuan ...

  Shen Gaoming, who has been tossing for most of his life, now enjoys the happiness of being young and old: take a nap, open WeChat group chat, occasionally sing karaoke, and do regular physical examinations.