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District Party Secretary Gao Haomeng and his party visited Xiecheng Group for investigation and guidance
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District Party Secretary Gao Haomeng and his party visited Xiecheng Group for investigation and guidance

    Breaking through the difficulties and stepping on the way Cong Gao Gao went to Xiehu Xiecheng Group to investigate enterprise development

  Yesterday (March 19), Secretary of the District Party Committee Gao Haomeng led the heads of relevant departments to our company to conduct enterprise research and conduct face-to-face communication, focusing on the same theme: to deal with the pain points and problems that plague the development of enterprises Relieve worries.




  Gao Haomeng inspected the factory area while understanding the development status and production and operation of our company in detail. In view of the large area of the factory area, Gao Haomeng proposed to introduce upstream and downstream enterprises and build small and micro enterprise parks or industrial complexes to achieve agglomerated development.



  When we learned that our company has introduced two R & D institutions, and one is under negotiation, and many companies are registered at the same time in the factory, Gao Haomeng pointed out to the person in charge of the relevant department that Xiecheng already has a small and micro enterprise park and The preliminary characteristics of the industrial complex should be directed to the specific requirements of the target provinces and cities, and guide and help Xiecheng to build a small and micro enterprise park or industrial complex. In view of the characteristics of Xiecheng's mature technology and strong manufacturing capabilities, Gao Haomeng requested the Ministry of Economics and Information to match up and promote cooperation between relevant companies with R & D advantages and Xiecheng in our district to achieve complementary advantages and win-win cooperation. As for other issues raised by our company, Gao Haomeng handed over the issues to the relevant departments on the spot and demanded immediate implementation and resolution.