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Group News: Seniors from Ningbo Nottingham Business School visited our company
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Group News: Seniors from Ningbo Nottingham Business School visited our company

  On the morning of July 5, 2019, Dr. Cui Ping, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Nottingham Ningbo, member of the Advisory Board of the Nottingham University Business School, former 3M Greater China President, MTS Independent Director, Goldman Sachs Sino-US Cooperation Fund Advisor Mr. Yu Junxiong, Germany Hape Holdings The founder and president Mr. Peter Hansdan, as well as the director of business career development of the business school, Dr. Feng Zeng, and others visited Ningbo Xiecheng Group to visit and guide.

  After listening to the brief introduction of Ms. Wu Bing, the executive director of the group, to the Xiecheng Group, Mr. Wu Junxiong inquired about the company's products and production processes. President Cui Ping gave professional supplementary answers with her solid academic knowledge , The communication atmosphere is very active.




  The visitors started from the assembly workshop of the whole machine, and visited the Xiecheng sample room, desktop tool assembly workshop, motor workshop, die casting workshop and other production operations in order. During the visit, with more than 40 years of management experience, Mr. Yu Junxiong shared measures to alleviate the fatigue of front-line employees for a long time, focusing on the operation and feedback ideas of front-line employees. As the founder of the world's largest wooden toy brand, Peter Hansdan has a strong interest in Xiecheng's saw products, and has a new interpretation of Xiecheng's English slogan "good life, good job".

  This visit and exchange activity ended successfully in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, laying a good foundation for the next step of cooperation.