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Group Newsletter: The 2019 fire drill was successfully completed today
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Group Newsletter: The 2019 fire drill was successfully completed today

  In order to improve the employees' fire safety awareness, test the functions of the company's fire protection facilities, enhance their resilience in emergency situations, and protect themselves, so that every employee understands the knowledge of firefighting, knows how to call the police, and how to fight in case of fire or fire , How to evacuate personnel, how to rescue the wounded materials, so the company's security department plans to conduct fire drills, the implementation plan is as follows:

  First, Exercise time: 7:30 am on July 26, 2019, (if the exercise cannot be held due to weather problems, the time will be notified separately) The exercise time is about half an hour.

  Second, personnel arrangement

  (1) Commander: Wang Youyu

  (2) Team members: Personnel Department and Security Section

  (3) Participants: All employees of the whole machine business department and related functional departments

  (4) Photograph: Hu Bibo

  Third, Exercise items:

  (1) Emergency evacuation

  (2) Fire fighting

  Fourth, the evacuation center: Xiecheng came to guard the open field

  Fifth, Preliminary preparations:

  (1) Fire safety knowledge and escape common sense window publicity. (Responsible for Human Resources Department)

  (2) The chief of the security section conducts fire protection knowledge training for employees. (Responsible for the Security Section)

  (3) The chief of the security section inspects the company's firefighting facilities. (Responsible for the Security Section)

  Sixth, Specific action arrangements for emergency evacuation by various departments:

  1. After receiving the fire alarm notice, the members of the command team immediately arrived at the security section. The command team was responsible for the company's security section chief, and the fire scene was under the responsibility of the security section.

  2. Send emergency evacuation notice through accident broadcasting:

  1) According to the situation of two fire prevention areas in the exercise area and the dormitory, first conduct horizontal evacuation and transfer the personnel outside the workshop. Broadcast content: "Please note that in the event of an emergency in the production workshop and dormitory of the whole machine, please follow the command of the company's security department and evacuate to a safe area."

  2) According to the scene of the fire, all evacuation orders are issued in the exercise area, the order of evacuation is the workshop around the fire, and the content of the broadcast: "Please note that there is an emergency in this area, please follow the instructions of the staff of the company ’s security department, and from the latest evacuation The passage immediately withdrew from the building

  3. Through the telephone, walkie-talkie at any time to understand the evacuation situation of the fire scene and the various regions, check the alarm system, fire pressurized water pump and air supply and exhaust system operation.

  4. Command relevant departments and personnel to take corresponding actions.

  5. After confirming that all personnel have been evacuated, a notice of completion of the exercise will be issued.

  7. The leader of the command team went to the evacuation meeting place to summarize the exercise.

  Seventh,Specific arrangements for fire fighting:

  1. From the offices of various departments, arrive at the site of the fire drill (in front of the finished product warehouse).

  2. Clean up the site according to the terrain and prepare the firelighters.

  3. Distribute work clothes and fire fighting equipment

  4. Listen to the explanation of the security personnel

  5. Start the exercise

  5, 1 extinguishes fire

  The first group: l pull the smoke bomb to make the field emit thick smoke

  The ground smoke was angry and the crowd was evacuated urgently.

  The second group: light oil fire; use 5kg fire extinguisher

  The oil basin caught fire. When using a 5kg dry powder fire extinguisher, first turn the fire extinguisher upside down and shake it a few times, then pull out the safety pin, point the nozzle at the root of the fire, and press the switch to extinguish the fire.

  5, 2 extinguish firewood

  The third group: light firewood; 5kg fire extinguisher

  Using the 5kg dry powder fire extinguisher, first shake the fire extinguisher upside down a few times, then pull out the safety pin, aim the sprinkler at the root of the fire, and press the switch to extinguish the fire.

  6. End the exercise (announced)

  7. Clean up the scene.