Group History

Group History

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1986Xiecheng group started as a domestic owned company to do motor production.
1996Ningbo XIECHENG Power tools co., Ltd was established, and started to produce power tools together with motor.
1998Xiecheng’s business was group rapidly and reached 100 million Yuan on sales for the first time.
1999The company invested 20million yuan to built the 200,000m²Xiecheng Industrial park in its current location in Chunhu town, Fenghua, Ningbo city.
2000The group company officially moved into Xiecheng industrial park, in the same year, the company’s turnover reached 200 million yuan.
Motor branch of the company moved into Xiecheng Industrial Park;The Motor division moved into the indurstial park and completed the industrial park Phase II building.
2003/9The company first invested 4 million Yuan and imported the high-speed punch machine from Japan, so as to enhance it’s production ability of motors.
2004/3 The injection workshop with an investment of more than 5 million yuan was put into production;
2007The die casting workshop with an investment of 5 million yuan was put into production
2004~2008The company grew steadily, its turn over exceeded 360 million yuan;
2010The company started management improvement projects in an all-round way and gradually realized transformation and upgrading;
2010/10The company implements ERP system project in an all-round way;
2011/4Xiecheng invested canteens, dormitories, warehouses, and workshops to complete the instrial park’s Phase III plan.
2011The company began to invest in the production of DC tools and DC motors, and constantly expanded the production scale of its DC + AC series.
2015/10The company invested 10 million yuan to enhance it’s die-casting and machining division, to enhance it’s manufacture ability of Alu related parts.
2016~2017The company keeps investing in die-casting workshop, and expands production capacity with the increased demand of desktop tools.
The company’s motor division started to enter the area of motors for new energy vehicle, and has built strategic partnership with the Nottinghan University and China Science and Technology University.

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