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5KW Rotor shaft

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Product name: 5KW rotor shaft
Material: 20CrMoTi-H
Steel management requirements:
1. The spline ends are forged and normalized, and the hardness is HB170-210;
2. 23-28HRC after rough machining of the rough material;
3. After quenching and tempering, the metallographic organization of the workpiece is rated according to the third group of FB/T 13320-2007
Image inspection, the level is 1-3;
4. After surface carbonitriding is quenched and tempered at low temperature, the surface depth is 58-62HRC; the depth of the quenched layer is 550HV=0.7-1mm, the metallographic structure is inspected according to the JB/T9204-2008 rating chart, and the level is 3-7 class;
5. The core hardness is HRC32-45, in addition to hydrogen and stress, the hydrogen content is less than 1.1e-6.
Internal spline parameters Implementation standard GB/T3478-2008
Modulus m 1 Span MR 14.608+0.204
Pressure angle α 30° Big path da ∅19.5 +0.21
Function z 18 Trail df ∅17.128 +0.13
Diameter of index circle d ∅18 Modification coefficient x 0
Measuring rod diameter dm ∅2 Spline beating   0.05
Base circle diameter d ∅15.588 Tolerance class   Level 7
Roughness Ra 3.2
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